What Makes Jawline Contouring Surgery So Versatile?

jawline contouring surgery

What Makes Jawline Contouring Surgery So Versatile?

The human face can be divided into three parts – the upper, middle and lower thirds. When these parts are in a 1:1:1 proportion in height and the right and left sides of the face are roughly equal in dimensions, the face is considered balanced. However, often this proportion is disturbed, with one section protruding more than the other or being asymmetrical in some way. When this happens in the lower third of the face, you would be a likely candidate for jawline contouring surgery.

It is important here to note that contouring the jaw allows for considerable flexibility in altering the jaw size, shape, definition and projection. Additionally, combined with other procedures like genioplasty or buccal pad fat removal, jawline contouring can dramatically transform the overall shape and appearance of the face.

Explaining Jawline Contouring Surgery’s Versatility

The state-of-the-art equipment available today makes this procedure endlessly versatile. While we have explained the procedure in detail below, suffice to say that a combination of 3D technology and ultrasonic bone surgery make this procedure highly precise, with very desirable results.

These technologies make jawline contouring a highly versatile procedure that can correct a number of facial deformities and concerns. Some of the main benefits of this procedure are discussed below.

jawline contouring surgery in delhi

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    Create a V-Line Jaw Contour

    Some people with softer jawlines may desire greater definition. Their natural jawbone may lack the sharp contours they want, leading them to the surgery. When the V-line silhouette is achieved, the face becomes slender simultaneously, often looking more attractive as a result. This can be done by means of jawline contouring.

    Square Jaw Correction

    While round jawlines seem undesirable, a hard-set, sharp and angular square jaw is often a patient’s worst nightmare, especially for females. Many people have square jaws due to lower jawbone enlargement, masseter hypertrophy, or fat accumulation in the cheeks. Jawline contouring corrects the squareness of the jaw, shaving it and shaping it into a more slender and delicate shape.

    Feminising the Face with the Coveted Heart Shape

    The epitome of feminine beauty is the heart-shaped face. The heart-shaped face is highly coveted from the widow’s peak, creating the heart through the hairline to the full cheeks, down to the pointed chin. Jawline contouring is an integral part of facial feminization surgery, which is targeted at transforming male to female faces for transwomen. This procedure helps these women achieve a delicate feminine jawline, creating the tip of the “heart” by shaving down the jaw.

    jawline contouring surgery in delhi

    Ensuring Facial Symmetry

    The jaw comprises almost the entire lower third of the face. Therefore, when one side is more prominent or square, it is highly perceptible. Often, this might also result in an off-centre chin and a skewed face. Surgically contouring the jaw involves trimming the excess bone to ensure aesthetic balance in your facial thirds. In this way, jawline contouring can correct facial asymmetry that is largely localised to the lower part of the face.

    Sometimes, the difference between a symmetrical and asymmetrical jaw is simply a few millimetres. Here, ultrasonic bone surgery is beneficial since maxillofacial surgeons in Delhi like Dr Sanchaita Kohli can use the piezotome device to target the bone and shave the jaw without affecting any neighbouring soft tissues.

    Additionally, virtual surgical planning with 3D imaging technology helps patients visualise the results from their jaw surgery before undergoing it. This critical development ensures that the patient is comfortable with the results and the surgeon knows their expectations thoroughly. The results can be tailored to their needs with the help of 3D-printed guides to determine what parts require trimming.

    This technology also helps to show patients what result is practically achievable, keeping surgical safety in mind. This keeps unrealistic patient expectations at bay, ensuring greater postoperative satisfaction.

    How is Jawline Contouring Done?

    Your surgeon first places you under general anaesthesia, after which she makes an intra-oral incision, i.e. an incision in the mouth. The placement of this incision provides access to the bone while also hiding any resulting scar.

    Your surgeon then shaves off a few millimetres from the jawbone’s bottom edge with the help of the previously mentioned 3D printed guide and the piezotome. Therefore, you get a sleeker, more slender jawline while ensuring facial symmetry and safety of facial nerves.

    The surgery takes 1.5 – 2 hours, depending on the results the patient desires. It is entirely safe, keeping all jaw functions intact thanks to the surgeon skills and the ultrasonic bone cutting technology. Ultrasonic bone surgery targets the bone without touching the nerves and tissues around the jaw.

    Other Procedures that Ensure a Truly Versatile Experience

    Alongside jawline contouring and shaving the jaw, other procedures may also be performed. None of these procedures require incisions on your face, therefore negating any possibility of visible scars. The most common procedures patients undergo for enhanced jawlines are:

    You can get all these procedures in the same operation. While the resulting surgery may be longer with an extended recovery, the results and lack of scarring are always very desirable. Once your procedure ends, your surgeon cleans the wound again to prevent infection and uses absorbable sutures to close it. Thus, you do not need to worry about a follow-up to remove the stitches.

    Recovering After Jawline Contouring – What is it like?

    Piezosurgery and 3D technology ensure minimal complications while giving you the results you desire. This simple procedure is an outpatient surgery, meaning you can go home the same day after your procedure. The speedy recovery then becomes the cherry on top of a highly satisfactory experience.

    Some pointers to keep in mind about recovery after jaw surgery include:

    • 10 days of visible lower facial swelling
    • 2 days of only soft food consumption
    • Regular saline rinses for wound hygiene
    • Temporary, mild lip and chin numbness

    The swift recovery and evident versatility of the procedure promise an excellent patient experience. The goal is to create natural-looking results, and the state-of-the-art technology available today enables such results easily. With virtual surgical planning and piezosurgery, both you and your surgeon can rest assured that your surgery will be smooth and comfortable.

    As a leading expert in piezosurgery, Dr Sanchaita Kohli promises superlative care under her wing at RG Aesthetics. An acclaimed maxillofacial surgeon in Delhi, Dr Kohli ensures ultimate patient comfort and satisfaction, with results that surpass expectations and significantly boost her patients’ self-esteem and confidence with jawlines that can cut glass!

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