Patient Reviews


October 26, 2021

My Long Waited Surgery Was Flawless and I Am Happy with the Result

Genioplasty4 | months post-op

I recently had Genioplasty surgery and Dr. Sanchaita was my surgeon, its been 4 months now and i am happy with the result, assistance from doctor and hospital staff during and post surgery is really appreciable. all staff including doctors are very caring and friendly..


September 16, 2021


Facial Feminization | Surgery7 days post-op

WOW WOW WOW!!!! Dr Rajat Gupta and Dr Sanchaita kohli are not just DOCTORS but they are MAGICIANS!!!! Come on world! We have GREAT SURGEONS hiding in Asia!!!! Service, Quality, Results , Facilities and etc thats what you called PERFECTION!!!!!!!!! I’m still speechless until now to be honest just 1 week post-op! And cant stop looking my self in the mirror , how I’m more than happy with the results!!!! And thanks to that Plastic Surgeon in Mumbai who recommended Dr Rajat for full facial Feminization Surgery and for body contorouring with Dr Sanchaita, that doctor got the BALLS! Instead of telling to go with him but then he recommended Dr Rajat and Dr Sanchaita instead! ( and take note Dr Rajat and Dr Sanchaita are in New Delhi different city!) DR Sanchaita is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for Facial Feminization Surgery!!!

These Doctors Finally fulfilled the real me!!! I can finally express what i feel inside to outside!! Be out and be proud!

They are extremely Exceeded my expectations!