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January 28, 2022


Satisfactory Experience. Professional and Knowledgeable Doctor

Jaw Surgery | months post-op

A wonderful caring and knowledgeable doctor. She explained everything thoroughly prior to the procedure and alloyed all my fears. I had gone for a jaw contouring procedure which is major procedure and complicated one at that. I always felt my jawlines were very manly and after consulting few other doctors decided to go ahead with Dr Sanchaita as I found her and the whole team very professional.

Coming to the procedure, if anyone is thinking of having it then be prepared for few things. Recovery may take some time compared to other minor OT procedures. I was in the hospital for 3 days since I was feeling very nauseous after the procedure. It seems the timeliness differs from patient to patient. But my BP had gone high when I was under anesthesia. There will be stiffness in jaw and lips for many days (months in fact). Then your face will look bloated and puffy for at least a month or so. You also need to wear a face garment religiously cos this helps in controlling the puffiness.

The backside portion of my mouth was stitched with surgical threads which are soluble. Just be careful not to get it infected and take necessary medicines and precautions.

Coming to the facial changes, I was told that the best results would show after 6 months or even 1 year. I can see the changes in my face now even though it is just 4 months or so. My jawline has visibly reduced. It looks more feminized like the way I wanted. I underwent buccal fat removal too which has visibly brought changes. I can still few lumpy parts which I am massaging with facial roller. If that persists Dr Sanchaita asked me to visit her after 6 months at least.

As for the medical services she has provided, I found Dr Sanchaita and her team (Reena included) professional and very caring too. After the peocedure Ma’am made it a point to take my updates every now and then. Even through video calls when I was out of station. Whenever my stitches showed signs of infections or even possibility of that, she immediately checked me up and followed my healing process. One thing I would like to point out is unbeknownst to me she came for my check up to the hospital even though it was her marriage anniversary cos I was leaving Delhi for some days.

In overall, a very good doctor. Caring, knowledgeable and professional. I would definitely recommend her. The hospitals she’s working in are also well managed. Kinda boutique hospitals. So if you’ve the money and want to invest in yourself then I would definitely say go for it. No matter whatever people say, your physical outlook can really bolster your self esteem. It feels good to look good for the sake of looking good.


October 26, 2021


My Long Waited Surgery Was Flawless and I Am Happy with the Result

Genioplasty4 | months post-op

I recently had Genioplasty surgery and Dr. Sanchaita was my surgeon, its been 4 months now and i am happy with the result, assistance from doctor and hospital staff during and post surgery is really appreciable. all staff including doctors are very caring and friendly..


September 16, 2021



Facial Feminization | Surgery7 days post-op

WOW WOW WOW!!!! Dr Rajat Gupta and Dr Sanchaita kohli are not just DOCTORS but they are MAGICIANS!!!! Come on world! We have GREAT SURGEONS hiding in Asia!!!! Service, Quality, Results , Facilities and etc thats what you called PERFECTION!!!!!!!!! I’m still speechless until now to be honest just 1 week post-op! And cant stop looking my self in the mirror , how I’m more than happy with the results!!!! And thanks to that Plastic Surgeon in Mumbai who recommended Dr Rajat for full facial Feminization Surgery and for body contorouring with Dr Sanchaita, that doctor got the BALLS! Instead of telling to go with him but then he recommended Dr Rajat and Dr Sanchaita instead! ( and take note Dr Rajat and Dr Sanchaita are in New Delhi different city!) DR Sanchaita is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for Facial Feminization Surgery!!!

These Doctors Finally fulfilled the real me!!! I can finally express what i feel inside to outside!! Be out and be proud!

They are extremely Exceeded my expectations!

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