Facial Fat Grafting

What is Facial Fat Grafting?

People may often remark that you are looking exhausted, or older than your age – hollowed chins, baggy eyes, fine lines, or wrinkles which often have nothing to do with age or state of welbeing. Yet, such remarks can cause you to feel conscious, and at times, irritated. Facial fat grafting or fat injections or autologous fat transfer uses excess fat present in another part of the body to reinject on the relevant facial area – for a younger and more energetic looking you.

Facial Fat Grafting In Delhi

Who Can Opt for Facial Fat Grafting?

  • People with hollowed out or sunken cheeks
  • People with dark circles or baggy eyes
  • People with wrinkles and fine lines on the face
  • People with crow’s feet around the eyes

What facial fat grafting does not do –

  • Change your facial features completely
  • Change the natural facial contours – the procedure does not touch the underlying bony framework of the face

What facial fat grafting does ?

  • Adds volume to the sunken pockets
  • Tones the facial skin in the process
  • Makes you look youthful and energetic
  • Removes excess fat from another body part

About the Procedure

Facial Fat Grafting In Delhi

It is important for the procedure to be performed by a board-certified surgeon to minimize risks and complications while offering world-class technology and surgical techniques.

Facial fat grafting is an outpatient day care procedure which is performed in 4 steps under local anaesthesia –

  • Isolate the donor sites – areas with pockets of excess fat which can be removed for grafting
  • Liposuction and contouring – Use of advanced techniques like MicroAire and Vaser for minimally invasive removal of excess fat. Use of such advanced techniques also gives a faster recovery period
  • Fat Treatment and Purification – MicroAire and Vaser enable a surgeon to save a higher percentage to the extracted fat, which is treated and purified for grafting
  • Fat injection on the recipient site


The use of the body’s own fat for grafting makes this procedure safe.

  • Temporary bruising and swelling is seen on donor or recipient site, this subsides naturally in a few days
  • It is safe to resume a regular routine 2-3 days after the surgery
  • Results are visible once the swelling and bruising has subsided
Facial Fat Grafting In Delhi

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