End-to-end Guide to Chin Augmentation Procedure in Delhi

chin augmentation surgery in delhi

End-to-end Guide to Chin Augmentation Procedure in Delhi

Who doesn’t aspire to have the ideal facial structure that complements their appearance? Some of the aesthetic ideals that one seeks are a perfect nose, a sculpted jawline, and an attractive chin. For those aspiring to get attractive facial features, there are modern surgical techniques to enhance your attributes.

Now let us focus on the title and talk about the chin. If you have a receded or weak chin, corrective measures are available for its enhancement. This is greatly facilitated via a maxillofacial surgical process called chin augmentation.

If you are the one looking for chin augmentation in Delhi to correct a receded chin, go on to read further.



What is a chin augmentation procedure in Delhi?

Many people are unaware that the chin augmentation procedure in Delhi is more than just surgery. Chin augmentation, medically called Genioplasty, is a surgical operation that improves the size and appearance of a small chin.

You’re a likely candidate for chin augmentation if you’re going through any of the following conditions:

  • Chin size and structure inappropriately small for one’s face dimensions
  • Receded or weak chin
  • Decreased height of the chin
  • Unattractive and asymmetrical jawline or chin
  • Unhappy with chin contour, shape and projection
  • Facing functional problems like breathing issues related to a small chin

The chin augmentation surgery improves the look of your chin, giving your face a fuller and defined appearance and a more symmetrical jawline by bringing the chin forward. The best chin surgeon in Gurgaon will determine which operation is best for you based on your necessities.



Types of Chin Augmentation Procedure in Delhi


Chin & Jaw Line Fillers

People who are unhappy with the appearance of their jawline or chin may want to define that area. Jaw fillers, a form of injectable dermal filler can be used as a nonsurgical option, unlike face surgeries to augment the chin temporarily.

Fillers can be injected in strategic locations to create weight beneath the skin and subtly improve the shape of the chin and jawline. The effects are transient and last for only about 12 to 24 months. In addition, this treatment option only offers very minimal degrees of correction. For long-lasting and drastic results, experienced surgeons do not recommend this procedure.

chin augmentation surgery in delhi


Fat Grafting

The chin is the face and neck’s primary unit, and it plays a vital role in facial balance and attractiveness. Grafting of fat harvested from one’s own body has grown in popularity for facial augmentation and rejuvenation, and it has been used to rectify and improve chin aesthetics, such as lateral chin hollowing and asymmetrical chin. While this is a relatively simple and less invasive surgical option, it is not the most favoured approach for individuals who desire stable and radical improvement. This is largely due to the variable amount of resorption of grafted fat and possible need for redo procedures.



Chin Implants

Chin implants are very commonly utilised in chin augmentation procedures. It uses premade silicone implants shaped like a chin to be placed on top of the receding chin bone. It is up to your surgeon to determine which implants are appropriate for your needs. Expert and experienced chin surgeons in Gurgaon utilise the 3D simulation software to assist you in selecting the proper implant size and predicting the postoperative outcome.

However, the chin implants do demand incorporating a foreign body (silicone implant) into your face structure, which could be or could not be a matter of concern for some patients.



Sliding Genioplasty

Sliding genioplasty surgery augments the chin by repositioning your own chin bone. Throughout this procedure, the chin can be relocated forward and downward and also augmented in height and width. In addition, the chin bone can be trimmed and reshaped to achieve a more aesthetic lower facial structure, including better symmetry. Using sterile titanium miniplates, the chin is permanently secured in this desirable and aesthetically appealing position.

While advancing a chin for augmentation purposes, a genioplasty enables the surgeon to perform three-dimensional movements. If somebody wanting a chin augmentation also requires correction of the chin in another dimension like reshaping the chin or any other kind of change such as shape or size, genioplasty is the gold standard procedure, as it offers more surgical control to the operating surgeon. Genioplasty also offers permanent chin augmentation results, unlike many other augmentation procedures.



How is the chin augmentation procedure performed?

It entails separating the bony chin from the lower jaw and placing it in a more proportionate position. After that, miniplates are used to secure the chin in its new position. The incision is adequately cleaned, and a few absorbable stitches are used to seal it. It takes about 60-90 minutes to complete this procedure.

The procedure is performed from inside the mouth, leaving no scars or stitches on the outside of the face. Piezotome, an advanced tool used for precise bone cutting, reduces the chance of nerve and soft tissue damage during surgery, making the procedure a safer one.



What is the difference between male and female chin augmentation?

Masculine chin contours are different from feminine ones. When the advancement of the chin is done by bringing the chin forward, the osteotomy or the bone cut will look different in a female patient than a male patient.

The size and the shape of a bone that a chin surgeon in Gurgaon cuts out from a female lower jaw will be much smaller, narrower and curved, with only the small and central part of the chin brought forward in females to give a V-shape for better enhancement and projection.

However, in the male, it helps to take the osteotomy as far back as possible compared to the female cut. A much broader segment of bone is advanced for augmentation to not only add projection forward but also sideways for enhanced width, giving an overall better appearance.

The same principle is used while choosing in chin implant surgeries while selecting the implant size and shape for male and female augmentation. These implants are broader and larger in males compared to those used in females.

Have questions or want to get started? We are ready to help you with a smile!

    How to prepare for chin augmentation and what is the recovery period?


    • Consult your surgeon about your cosmetic needs
    • Your approval of a simulated jaw profile prepared by your surgeon will be included in the planning consultation
    • Discuss your medical conditions with your chin surgeon
    • Smoking should be prohibited for at least two weeks before surgery
    • Get oral prophylaxis (scaling) one week before surgery to improve dental hygiene and surgical results


    • Chin surgery is an uncomplicated treatment with a quick recovery time
    • Slight swelling may persist for up to ten days following the treatment
    • Regular saline rinses are recommended to keep wounds clean
    • You may experience some temporary lower lip numbness
    • Solid foods and strenuous exercise should be avoided for at least 3-4 weeks post-surgery
    • After one week, you can resume your normal day job


    If you want a full consultation to decide which option is best for you for chin augmentation in Delhi, contact Dr Sanchaita Kohli to get all the information you need about chin surgery. Dr Kohli is a renowned maxillofacial surgeon in Delhi with extensive experience around chin repair and repositioning treatments. Get all of the information you need right now to make the best decision possible.

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    Dr. Sanchaita Kohli

    Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

    Dr. Sanchaita Kohli is an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon with over 13 years of training and work experience at the country’s leading dental institute, Maulana Azad Institute of Dental Sciences, enabling her to plan and manage an extremely wide variety of craniofacial deformities, jaw diseases and facial trauma.

    To book an appointment, call: +91-9971710455 or email: facesurgerydelhi@gmail.com

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