A Patient’s Guide to Getting a Sharp Jawline with Genioplasty Surgery

genioplasty surgery in delhi

A Patient’s Guide to Getting a Sharp Jawline with Genioplasty Surgery

The chin remains one of the most striking parts of our appearance. There is a reason that, throughout history, people have commented on the chin as being an indicator of character. With such a rich background to the importance of the chin, it is only natural that wanting a sharper, V-shaped chin is a major desire of many people. Many people have receded chins that do not sufficiently project. In such cases, they may turn to genioplasty surgery.

Genioplasty is a simple procedure that can permanently sharpen and augment the chin and the jawline. Although it targets the chin, you may combine it with other procedures such as jawline recontouring and buccal pad fat removal for enhanced results. This procedure aims to ensure that your chin becomes the most striking feature in the lower third of your face.

Why do people opt for genioplasty surgery?

Genioplasty for chin contour correction is a really popular surgery because of the several benefits it offers:

  1. It is a scarless surgery as it is performed from inside the mouth, resulting in no facial scars
  2. It provides a permanent correction of the deformity
  3. it leaves you with the look and feel of own bone, without the use of implants
  4. Corrects all kinds of chin deformities like defects in chin height, width, symmetry and projection
  5. It provides a 3D chin correction as it can correct defects in multiple planes and dimensions in a single operation
  6. It has minimal surgical downtime and almost immediate results

Your face is the first step of identification. Thus, when people are dissatisfied with any aspect of their face, this can weigh down on them over a certain time, making them feel less attractive and inadequate. They often become more insecure, avoiding mirrors and refusing to take pictures. This feeling may compound over time, becoming an emotional and mental burden.

Genioplasty helps alleviate such insecurity due to its versatility. While it cannot completely change your appearance, genioplasty can help highlight your inner beauty by showing it on the outside.

Many patients opt for genioplasty due to everything it can accomplish. This includes:

  • It can improve the face profile and symmetry, lending more aesthetic appeal to your face
  • It helps define and sharpen the jawline
  • It has the potential to reduce a double chin appearance by pulling forward and flattening out the neck soft tissues
  • It helps you appear more feminine or masculine, depending on your goals from genioplasty surgery.
  • It makes you appear significantly younger by giving you a much slimmer and more youthful face, especially when combined with buccal fat removal

These factors make genioplasty a favourite among many patients who desire a better looking lower face. The wide range of corrections offered by this simple procedure ensures that every patient can get the jawline of their dreams!

genioplasty surgery in delhi

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    Are you the right candidate for genioplasty surgery?

    Due to its versatile nature, genioplasty is the perfect surgery for anyone who is unhappy with their jawline or chin projection. But how do you know if your chin is proportionately sized or not?

    It’s really simple and you can check this for yourself:


    1. The Rule of Thirds

    The rule of thirds is an easy way to assess the proportions of your face and determine if your chin is too small or too big. All you need is to take your thumb and forefinger and place your forefinger on your hairline and your thumb between your eyebrows. The distance between your fingers is the size of the upper third of your face.

    The second third extends from the point between the eyebrows to the bottom of the nose. Finally, the lower third of your face extends vertically from the bottom of your nose to the bottom of your chin. All three measurements should be roughly equal for you to have aesthetic facial proportions.

    If the lower face is out of proportion, then the chin is either too long or too short and possibly needs genioplasty or sharp jawline surgery. This may be for chin augmentation or chin reduction.


    1. Profile view

    People who are unsatisfied with their chin projection often change their resting head position to mask their deformity. For instance, someone with a receded chin habitually would keep their head raised to make the chin look more projected. Similarly, someone with an overly projected chin would subconsciously tilt their head downwards to make the chin appear smaller, to hide the projection.

    The best way to assess for yourself whether your chin projection is aesthetic or not is by looking at a picture of your face taken from the side. In this picture, make sure your face is in the “natural head position”. To achieve this, make sure you are sitting upright comfortably on a chair and looking far into the distance.

    Viewing your face in this position will give you the best idea about your chin projection and whether it requires correction or not. You can then consult an expert maxillofacial surgeon in Delhi for further guidance.

    As you can see, genioplasty is an umbrella term for a procedure during which surgeons can easily adjust the chin as per your desires. Through genioplasty, your surgeon can perform numerous corrections, including:

    • Bringing the chin forward
    • Setting the chin back
    • Increasing or decreasing the chin’s height
    • Centering an asymmetrical chin
    • Narrowing or broadening the chin

    Thus, many patients opt for this procedure to improve their facial profile. They want to feel good when they look in the mirror or take their pictures. Selfies, especially, can reveal asymmetrical or double chins. When they notice this, they turn to the best permanent solution there is – genioplasty.

    What Makes Genioplasty Surgery a Permanent Solution

    Getting a genioplasty is a permanent solution with today’s highly sophisticated technology. Experts use ultrasonic bone surgery to target the bone and avoid causing any injury to neighbouring nerves and tissue.

    Since it involves directly changing the bone without implants, it is a permanent solution. Having a surgeon who can promise precision and the results you truly desire is, therefore, essential. If you choose a low-quality procedure to save cost, it can significantly impact the outcome.

    Additionally, by targeting the bone, your surgeon performs a genioplasty surgery that feels completely natural. There are no implants that could cause complications. Hence, the results look not only entirely natural but also feel natural.

    With such promises of permanence, the stakes are automatically higher. While we have mentioned how important the right surgeon is, that may not be sufficient in determining the quality of your results. Here is where pre-surgery planning comes into the picture.

    Planning for Your Genioplasty Surgery

    Results of genioplasty are permanent. Permanently changing your face profile must be done only after careful planning and preparation. Luckily, with the state-of-the-art technology available today, surgery is predictable and safe and you can get excellent results with a fast recovery. What are the steps that begin your journey towards the chin of your dreams?

    genioplasty surgery in delhi

    Being Honest About Your Aesthetic Expectations from Genioplasty Surgery

    The first step is to find a surgeon you are comfortable with. You need someone who will understand and support you through this journey. There is enough stigma around aesthetic procedures without the added pressure of a surgeon who lacks compassion.

    Being honest about your aesthetic expectations also means that your surgeon should communicate clearly with you if you have an expectation that would look unnatural for your face. Your surgeon should also let you know what you can expect from your procedure.

    Using 3D Simulation Software in Genioplasty Surgery

    Part of keeping your expectations realistic is using 3D planning software. At advanced, well-equipped centres like RG Aesthetics, 3D simulation software like Crisalix offers patients a chance to visualize their results before the procedure.

    On a call with the surgeon, patients can determine precisely what kind of results they want from their procedure. In the process, they can also re-evaluate their expectations from genioplasty surgery to see what would make them more appealing. With the surgeon’s guidance, they can then decide which route they would like to take.

    After deciding the jawline you want through the 3D software, your surgeon prints out a guide using a 3D printer. This guide helps them reproduce the precise contour you desire during the procedure. This makes the surgery predictable and ensures your satisfaction and happiness.

    Provide a Complete Medical History Before Genioplasty Surgery

    Just because this procedure is aesthetic does not mean it is less serious than any other surgery. You would need to provide a complete and honest medical history before any procedure, and genioplasty is no different.

    Failing to mention any medical history could result in complications during the procedure or recovery. Your maxillofacial surgeon in Delhi needs to be aware of these conditions before your surgery. This way, they can ensure your safety and provide high-quality results.

    Maintain Oral Health for Genioplasty Surgery

    Apart from providing your medical history and keeping your expectations realistic, your surgeon may also give you some other instructions. For example, if you are a smoker, you will need to stop smoking for at least two weeks before your procedure. This will reduce the risk of wound infection and ensure that your healing is rapid.

    Additionally, your surgeon will also recommend getting oral prophylaxis, i.e. scaling, a week before the surgery. This improves your oral hygiene and reduces contamination during surgery.

    Once you follow these instructions and take the necessary precautions, you are ready for your procedure.

    How Genioplasty Surgery is Done – The Complete Procedure

    Today, genioplasty is an entirely safe and straightforward procedure. Due to the sophisticated technology and techniques available to leading maxillofacial surgeons, you are guaranteed an effective, efficient procedure that gives you the chin and jawline of your dreams.

    Under general anaesthesia, your surgeon makes an incision inside your mouth. This hides the resulting scar, ensuring that there is no aesthetic compromise on the face. Your surgeon separates the bony chin from the lower jaw through this incision and reshapes and repositions it in a more desirable way. If you want a more V-shaped jawline, your surgeon can also perform jawline contouring.

    At an advanced centre like RG Aesthetics, our leading maxillofacial surgeons in Delhi use the Piezotome for enhanced contouring and better results. As we mentioned, this device allows your surgeon to target only the bone and leave neighbouring blood vessels untouched. So you incur far less trauma during the procedure. Combining this device with the 3D printed guide ensures a speedy recovery and better, more precise results.

    Buccal pad fat removal and jawline contouring can further enhance this sharper jawline. Buccal pads are pads of fat stored in the cheeks. Removing them during your sharp jawline surgery makes your face appear slimmer. Slimming down your face this way has numerous advantages, the biggest of which is rejuvenation. You look much younger after genioplasty, especially when combined with buccal pad fat removal and jawline contouring.

    Once the procedure is complete, your surgeon uses steam sterilised titanium plates to fix the chin into its new position. The incision is cleaned again before closure to ensure complete wound healing. It is then closed with absorbable sutures, allowing for a much more comfortable recovery. The entire procedure takes approximately 90 minutes.

    Recovery and Results After Genioplasty Surgery

    With developments like piezosurgery and modern techniques of surgical planning, you experience far less downtime. Your recovery is speedy and comfortable. You also see immediate results, which only get better as your swelling reduces. Here is what you should expect from your recovery after genioplasty:

    • 10 days of mild swelling after the procedure
    • A liquid diet for one week (no solid foods)
    • Avoiding heavy exercise for one week
    • Using regular saline rises for wound hygiene maintenance
    • You may experience some lower lip numbness for a few weeks

    When performed by an expert, there is minimal discomfort during recovery. Many patients sacrifice quality and level of care due to the cost of the procedure. However, as we established, this procedure is a permanent solution to your chin concerns.

    This makes genioplasty an investment into yourself and your happiness. When you opt for genioplasty, you are choosing self-care and putting yourself first. It is important to remember this fact and opt for the best surgeon and centre for your needs. When you keep this in focus, you ensure that you get outstanding results.

    Dr Sanchaita Kohli is a leading maxillofacial surgeon in Delhi, specialising in facial feminization surgery, jawline contouring and genioplasty. Her extensive knowledge of facial anatomy combined with her compassionate approach towards every patient ensures that she can optimise results while minimising surgical risk and trauma. With the state-of-the-art technology at RG Aesthetics, Dr. Kohli performs genioplasty unparalleled in precision and results. Thus, under her capable hand, you get the V-shaped jawline painlessly and efficiently!

    maxillofacial surgeon in Delhi

    Dr. Sanchaita Kohli

    Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

    Dr. Sanchaita Kohli is an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon with over 13 years of training and work experience at the country’s leading dental institute, Maulana Azad Institute of Dental Sciences, enabling her to plan and manage an extremely wide variety of craniofacial deformities, jaw diseases and facial trauma.

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