5 Things Not to Do After Any Chin Surgery

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5 Things Not to Do After Any Chin Surgery

The chin is among the most prominent features of the facial aesthetic. Even a mild change of your chin may remarkably alter your facial appearance, enhancing your confidence. Chin surgery refers to any surgical procedure performed to enhance your chin’s shape, size, contour, positioning or structure. Chin augmentation surgery is one such procedure performed to enhance receded or suppressed chins.


It is important to understand that there are several factors that contribute to a good surgical outcome, including your own adherence to the advised instructions. Your surgeon can do the best job and use all the latest equipment to ensure a quick recovery but if proper postoperative advice is not followed by you, then the healing and result can be significantly impaired.


While a detailed list of instructions is provided by your surgeon after your surgery, here are 5 important things that you must avoid after your chin surgery.



Things to Avoid After Chin Surgery



Forceful spitting, especially within the first 24 hours of the surgery can dislodge blood clots and loosen your stitches, possibly resulting in bleeding and wound opening. If you need to spit, carefully rinse your mouth with water and then let the water drip into the sink on its own.


2. Hot Beverages

The day following your chin surgery, hot foods and beverages should be avoided as they can cause increased swelling and risk of bleeding. Cold or lukewarm beverages are encouraged. After 1 day, hot drinks may be resumed.

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3. Heavy Exercises

Heavy lifting, bending activities, and intense running should all be avoided for 2-3 weeks since they put too much strain on the face and may lead to injury to the operated area.


4. Consumption of Hard Food

Chewing hard foods can cause undue pressure on the healing chin bone and possible damage to the oral wound. Your surgeon will tailor-make a diet plan for you, where the diet gradually progresses from liquid to semi-solid to foods with increasing hardness over the weeks following your surgery. Normal diet will resume after 4 weeks of your surgery.


5. Pressure on Chin

Bending forward or exerting pressure on your chin may be avoided. It may be for the initial first week, in certain situations, the surgeon may prolong the precautionary measures for 4 to 6 weeks. Grinning, smiling, or abnormal facial movements must be restricted. However, you may clean your teeth normally,  with care in the incision area. Brushing should be done with the guidance of your surgeon.



Recovery After Chin Surgery

After the chin surgery, you will notice immediate results along with:

  • Mild swelling which regresses in 7-10 days
  • Some lower lip numbness for a few weeks

The appearance of your chin gets better with the regression of the swelling. As the weeks go by, your results become more and more prominent.



Post Operative Care

Your post-operative matters the most as it expedites your recovery.

  • You may be prescribed antibiotics and analgesics to ease your pain and speed up the healing
  • Gauze dressings or bandages may be applied to your incisions
  • An elastic bandage may be applied. It may limit your swelling. It also supports your chin during healing following surgery
  • A soft or liquid diet for a week. It is essential  if you have an implant inserted
  • Avoiding heavy workouts for a few days
  • Regular saline rises for wound hygiene

Are you all set for an excellent experience in chin surgery?

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