10 Procedures to Correct an Asymmetrical Face

asymmetrical face correction in Delhi

10 Procedures to Correct an Asymmetrical Face

When you look at yourself in images or the mirror, you may notice that your features do not align entirely with each other. Asymmetry is defined as having qualities that do not wholly mirror one another on both sides of your face. 

Almost every second person has face asymmetry. However, some incidences of asymmetry stand out more than others. Asymmetry can be caused by injury, certain diseases, genetic tendency, and other conditions, and while mild asymmetry is often normal, gross facial asymmetry almost always needs correction.

What are the procedures to correct face symmetry?

The surgeon will carefully study your facial structure and devise a plan to relocate features to create a more symmetrical appearance. 


Corrective Jaw Surgery 

Corrective Jaw surgery involves repositioning and rotating asymmetrical jawbones to orient them in a more balanced position and fixing them with plates and screws. 


Distraction osteogenesis

Distraction osteogenesis is a modern surgical procedure that uses a metallic distractor device to lengthen small or malformed bones. It is used to lengthen or reconstruct underdeveloped and halves of the jawbones to give a more symmetrical appearance to the face

asymmetrical face correction in Delhi

Genioplasty Surgery

Genioplasty surgery is a surgical operation used to treat an asymmetrical chin by separating and repositioning the chin bone and fixing it with plates and screws.



A rhinoplasty is a surgical operation that changes the shape and size of the nose, the septum and the position of the nasal tip, and its symmetry to address facial asymmetry and associated functional issues. It can be used to correct a crooked nose and deviated septum.


Facial Fat Graft

Often there is a difference in the fullness on the cheek area of many individuals. Facial fat grafting surgery is a simple solution to augment the underprojected areas of the face, using one’s own body fat tissue. 


Jawline Contouring

Jawline contouring is a process that involves trimming off the excess bone from the bottom edge of the lower jaw. This may be done to achieve symmetry when one side of the jawline projects more than the other.


Bone Grafting

Deficient bony areas on the face frequently need to be augmented by planting bone grafts harvested from one’s own body. Bony areas like cheekbones, lower jaw, chin bone, etc. may be augmented on the underdeveloped side of the face by means of this surgery.


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    Facial Implants

    Facial implants are another technique of augmentation of underdeveloped areas of the face using artificial implants made of titanium, silicone or other synthetic materials. These implants can also be customised to fit precisely in the defect to mirror the face’s normal side and, hence, achieve facial symmetry. 


    Masseter Debulking

    Unilateral masseter hypertrophy is a condition that causes bulking up of the jaw muscle on one side of the face, leading to obvious facial asymmetry, with one side of the face more rounded or squared than the other. Surgical debulking of the hypertrophied masseter muscle is done to achieve facial balance and symmetry.


    Bone Reduction

    Bulky bones on one side of the face may require reduction to achieve harmony with the normal bony side. This can be done by surgical shaving off of the excess bone, for instance, an over projected cheekbone of one side may require reduction to achieve symmetry. 


    Choosing an expert maxillofacial surgeon like Dr Sanchaita Kohli to correct facial asymmetry is the right decision for the patients to have a safe and successful surgery.


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